Anna Madsen

Everybody knows my secrets. Scarlet Letter out now.


Golden Room

Lyrics and melody written by Anna Madsen Jefferies. All rights reserved. 

Candles sparkle everywhere, violets nestled in my hair. Perfume clings to your collar, nothing in the world could bother; all the dancers, all the dreamers, whisking away the night. Hush now my dear it's time. Time to meet me, time to meet me, in the golden room. The bell will toll when midnight arrives, and I must say, say goodbye. The world around me spins in color, it's in these moments I do wonder, out of all the dancers, all the dreamers, I was the name you did whisper? The lady in the worn slippers? Chase me darling, chase me darling, out of the golden room. Silver branches, golden leaves, robins in snow and crystallized scenes; these are the memories that make up my dreams. Won't you come and dance with me? I put on my worn shoes, and waltz my way over to you. Dance with me darling! Dance with me darling, in the golden room.